Reframing— How You Can Remove Unnecessary Conflict

Reframing2DUPCVRReframing : a Practical Tool to Improve Your Communication — and Your Relationships
For Example:
You think you’re firm: he thinks you’re pig headed.
Or she thinks you’re wishy-washy; you think you’re flexible— and adaptable to changing circumstances!
Same Action— Different Viewpoints.

When people see you a certain way, it is probably partly “their fault” and partly “your fault.” In truth, there may be no real fault— just valid differences in your natural makeup.
We applied the concept “Same Action,— Different Viewpoints,” (as in the example above) to the 8 letters of psychological Type and the 4 Keirsey Temperaments to develop a practical tool you can use to improve your life— and those of your clients, if you happen to be a trainer.

The term “Reframing” comes from cognitive therapy. It’s a very helpful concept in working with psychological type. Reframing is learning to look at the same idea, but putting it in a different context or perspective. Usually it’s to change from a negative to a more positive or neutral viewpoint. And that can lead to different, much more effective behaviors and choices.


This small but valuable book lists a number of traits, attitudes and behaviors typical of each letter of your Type (and also for each of the four Temperaments)…the negative way they may look to someone of the opposite persuasion, and then as they may be positively “Reframed.

Use it as a checklist of “Things I Don’t Like about Harry (or Mary).”Odds are they’ll point to Harry’s Type. If he’s an ESTP, you’re probably bothered by things typical of an ESTP, and you’ll see the good side of those same features. Recognizing the fact that your Type  or Temperament differences are the root cause can help take a lot of the steam out of the situation immediately. (Oh! It’s just a Type thing!). And seeing the positive aspects of the irritants can reduce the irritation, even help lead to real appreciation! Save a relationship, a job, a marriage!


Personality Type & Temperament give us  powerful concepts to identify traits/behaviors that may be causing problems, and an objective non-judgmental framework to facilitate Reframing our understanding of the situation. We’ve created a practical powerful tool to help you do that!

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If you don’t try it, you risk not improving your relationships. Obviously Reframing can help with your closest relationships. But you can even use it to gain insights and improve how you relate to others who don’t even know you’re using it. You don’t need to know their Type (though Reframing may give you some good hints!).You just need to know what you don’t like or find difficult about them!

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